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    Hello, this is Masud Parvage, a professional digital marketer and a thirsty guy for knowledge. I have a huge devotion to search engine optimization, WordPress and a number of online social media. However, I feel happy to discover the newest way to promote myself and my clients to achieve the targeted response. I’ve started my blogging journey since 2014. At present I am working on a couple of my online projects.

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    I’ve achieved my BSS and MSS degree from the National University of Bangladesh. However I think there are no any closing stages to learning something new! Discovering something hottest is my passion and I feel lucky when I learn from various bloggers and online marketers as the whole life we are learning from man to man and from the nature. Finally I love to share the knowledge to my friends and fans which I learn every day.

  • Personal

    I am a person who is positive in every step of life. There are so many things I like to do. I love reading, I love writing and reciting, I like to think, I like listening, to see the sunset in the evening, I like to see the moon at night and I want to feel the sea breeze. I love watching the white clouds in the sky with a white and a blank mind; I like ‘Dolon Chapa’ in every spring, I like simple food and normal shoes and last of all I like to sleep late but get up early!

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